We Care | We Listen


MCG-S provides top-tier construction services that remain transparent with expedient progression from the point of conception all the way to a seamless move-in. It all begins with the development and nurturing of The Concept. Discussing the “big picture” allows us to provide sound suggestions and start drafting suitable budget ramifications for the best functioning and aesthetically pleasing design.

Erecting your residence or facility requires extensive and sophisticated project management and relationship management expertise. MCG-S works tirelessly to create the best Client-to-Builder relationship that is conducive to extraordinary synergy and efficiency. All-inclusive interior production plans, such as electric detailing, plumbing and other components, are also addressed in every strategic step, especially pre-construction planning.


We mean it when we say We Care, We Listen! To MCG-S, every aspect of providing productive construction services is rooted in keeping trust and quality high while still decreasing the rate and cost of resource depletion. Our involvement starts early and maintains consistent delivery all the way to successful move-ins.

  • All-Inclusive & Fair Quoting
  • Planning & Procurement
  • Landscape Scouring
  • Open Client Communications Management


Design & Build

Enhancing the performance and functionality of a building requires an in depth and concise analysis of the project from its foundation, literally and conceptually. Whether the project is an exciting New Build or fresh Remodel, our design and building team helps you formulate and layout the plans you envision. Both Commercial and Residential Creativity can be harnessed to achieve great things!

  • Commercial and Residential New Builds
  • Commercial and Residential Renovations
  • Reliable Engineering
  • Structured Construction Plan Execution


Lean Construction Superstructure

With a focus on our productivity’s efficiency and competency, MCG-S is devoted to being the best design & construction provider there is. Lean Construction is the designing of production systems that reduce material waste, cost, time and unnecessary undertakings while value is actually increased. Lean approaches to every construction project we launch are the backbone to our operations and functional development. Benefits include:

  • Harmonious workflow activity
  • Waste reduction
  • Clear and precise explanation for customers
  • Continuous and frequent improvements and progression

Primarily, lean construction ensures the project doesn’t exhaust as many resources while reliability and the increased value are purposely felt and appreciated by customers. Processes and logistics remain open and transparent for discussion and hands-on management by MCG-S and the customers entrusting us with the structure of your dreams.

Logistics Management

Cost escalation is no one’s friend and MCG-S likes to knock it down as much as possible. Our supply chain governance is set in place to secure and protect your capital investments and monitor your facility and logistical costs. Manufacturers work relentlessly with our team to escalate your purchasing power with a straightforward guidance that optimizes your decision-making expertise with utmost cost efficiency.