About MCG-S

With decades of experience, Modern Construction Group Services refines construction and architectural projects with the enthusiasm and dexterity that any leading infrastructure contractor should maintain. An entirely transparent and obtainable vision of excellence is set forth here at MCG-S to remain a company with seasoned professionals delivering high-quality construction at a competitive price.

MCG-S has earned, and astoundingly executed, numerous multimillion-dollar contracts throughout Central Florida. Your MCG-S team is continuously drawing strength from the construction and design of true perfection. Assurance that MCG-S upholds a polished experience when doing business, from the Initial Meeting through full structural completion, exemplifies the traditional business standards of cultivating positive relationships and producing top-notch projects. We do this with a deeply-rooted focus on partnership and commitment.

Our dedicated and relentless team pioneers the current construction dynamic of outstanding growth by focusing on our commitment to the community and beautiful imagery of which helped weave his company into the fabric of the community.
Mastered Artistry

MCG-S matches our full turn-key construction project expertise with the ability to produce fast turnarounds. We value the needs of our clients and work as one family bringing their vision to life.
As one of the most respected building and civil construction firms in the state of Florida, we believe that transforming your concepts and brainstorming interpretations are the true reward of any project. We evolve structures with the aim of exceeding expectations to create functional, safe, high quality and attractive creations that stand the test of time.

Our Experience Track Record


• Multi-Million Dollar New Builds
• Big Budget Underground Builds
• Hardscapes & Paving
• Airport Runway Resurfacing | Drainage | Lighting
• Surveying | Directional Drilling | Engineering
• Florida U.S. Interstates, State and County Highways Infrastructure Improvement Projects
• Stimulus-Related LAP Projects
• Million Dollar Municipal, Private & Commercial Construction
• Big Budget Multi-layer Utility Coordination
• Big Budget Excavations in Contaminated Soil
• Public Land Restoration Initiatives
• Emergency Project Management